Company Profile

AGRI-TREAT®300 was developed in 2001 primarily for the control of bacteria and algae in the potable water industry. It meets all the requirements of international standards for this purpose i.e. World Health Organisation, Food & Drug Administration, Environmental protection agency, SABS standard 241, Europgap accreditation etc. But we have seen that it works very effectively in the Agricultural sector for the cleaning of Drippers, Micro’s and Sandfilters without killing micro-organisms. The patent is unique in that it has a very low active ingredient loading of the water to be treated due to the fact that it ruptures the cell walls of the organisms rather than depleting oxygen levels as with other oxidants. AGRI-TREAT®300 is also unique in that it controls Guardia and Cryptosporidium. It is suitable for sewerage effluent released into natural environments and water ways. The ease and accuracy of a liquid application and the efficiency of the product makes this bactericide suitable for the control of any application of water borne bacteria and algae.
AGRI-TREAT®300 is produced and formulated in South Africa.

Our Vision

To become the most informed reliable and trusted company in the cleaning of irrigation systems.

Our Mission

•   Supplying quality products

•   Enabling us to become partners in sustainable and ethical business practices with our clients

•   Sound technical knowledge about our products and its application

Service Delivery

At Aquaticus we pride ourselves in prompt and speedy service delivery. For us, actions speak louder than words and we're always willing to walk the extra mile for our customers.