The Product



The product is a stabilized hyperbromous acid solution patented in 120 countries, for the control of bacteria, with a number of unique characteristics i.e.

  • Stable for more than 400 days in its concentrated form
  • Very good kill rates of bacteria at extremely low concentrations
  • Safe, eco friendly and easy to apply
  • Degrades very quickly in the presence of sunlight (UV degradient)
  • Long retention times when kept in the dark
  • An alternative to chlorine in many applications
  • pH compatibility
  • Bromate information
  • Complies with W.H.O. and F.D.A. standards as well as SABS standard 241 for potable water
  • Safe to all crops when applied correctly (see Agriculture)
  • Giardia and cryptosporidium control (see potable water)



Agriculture Cleaning of irrigation and filter systems
Potable water Disinfection of water
Industrial uses Cleaning of scale and bacteria
Sewerage effluent Treatment of waste for agricultural uses